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Social media doesn’t cause misogyny; the police can’t cure it. What we really need to do is sit down as a society and take a long hard look at ourselves, in order to answer the question: “Why are we producing so many people who just seem to hate women?” The end of kindness: weev and the cult of the angry young man 
Tuesday, May 21, 2013
That is what the selfie is! It marks a time when someone feels beautiful and self assured. When they are having fun and are not worried about the daily personal problems we all have to face. In a time when feelings of insecurity run high and people shy away, the selfie is an instant of boldness. Selfie Swag! | Thought Catalog
Friday, May 17, 2013

In Instagram’s case, the mobile phone-only usecase, standardized square format, limited set of filters and editing tools made it super simple to edit and share images. Fewer decisions. Easier to scan and consume. Lower variability in format and structure. The focus is on the subject and the message.

A bit like memes. Fake art, real messages.

The Filter Future
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