Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Get To Know Your Tumblarians Tuesday: What would your perfect business card say?


Today’s question is inspired by the excellent answer that diebrarian gave to the same prompt last night (link here):


nice cardigan

much glasses

very intellectual freedom. wow

So, what do you wish you could put on your business card?

Back when I was jobless, I made up my own business cards that said

My Name

MLIS | Booknerd

Now, I have very standard ones with my university’s logo, and a fax number that goes somewhere that isn’t my office. 

If I could make my own businesscards, they’d say

My Name

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Libraries are places where the damaged go to find friends Tamora Pierce (via fictionalheroine)

(Source: booksandhotchocolate)

Sunday, September 28, 2014
Books and libraries are dangerous, which is exactly why we should protect them. Librarians are conniving and vicious monsters, but they also know how to recommend a good read. Their methods may be violent, but we must be willing to face great challenges in order to achieve great things. Welcome to Night Vale, episode 54: A Carnival Comes to Town (via the-librarians-of-night-vale)

I wonder what reaction I’d get if I made Night Vale library references during infolit session….

Friday, September 26, 2014
But the other thing this illustrates, that a civil rights pioneer with a solidly progressive record on issues like reproductive freedom, equal pay and voting rights could also be a man who is alleged to have harassed and assaulted women, is the knotty and complicated truth about violence against women in our culture. That it doesn’t fall neatly along ideological lines. That’s it’s everywhere. The story also also lays bare the strange calculus that women must perform each time they experience abuse or harassment, particularly from men who control, in ways perceived or actual, some power over their lives and careers. Why women don’t name names: Kirsten Gillibrand, Daniel Inouye and women’s calculus for survival - Salon.com (via feministlibrarian)
Thursday, September 25, 2014 Wednesday, September 24, 2014
The Cleaning of the Books is our way of double-checking that the librarians are keeping a clean stock of municipally-approved books such as the biography of Helen Hunt and all four of Dean Koontz’s novels. Welcome to Night Vale, episode 54: A Carnival Comes to Town (via the-librarians-of-night-vale)
She did not mind being noticed because she was female, she was tired of being not noticed because she was a lady. The Last September by Elizabeth Bowen
Tuesday, September 23, 2014

on #teamharpy


Women will not be silenced or, in this case, women will not be sued/terrified into silence. The Radical Librarians Collective has outlined nicely just what bothered me the most about the absolutely bonkers lawsuit one librarian (He Who Must Not Be Named will get no link or name drop here) has filed against his colleagues. 

The link above will catch you up to speed, otherwise click here

Revenge lawsuits are harassment. Revenge lawsuits are a demonstration of power and privilege. I’ve donated to the Team Harpy defense fund.

If anyone’s curious, here’s the libguide I made for the library class on consent. This was part of a freshman seminar on consent and ethics, so I touched on these topics. 

  • Library Bill of Rights
  • Borrowing privileges
  • IT user agreements
  • Digital Commons publishing rights
  • JSTOR’s terms and conditions
  • Aaron Swartz

We talked about implicit vs explicit consent, and how they applied in library settings.